Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos refers to naturally occurring fibrous minerals, which in turn are made up of very thin fibres like the appearance of a needle. The exposure to these fibres can cause cancer and other diseases, mostly affecting the lungs and the respiratory system. The most infamous of these diseases are mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Asbestos InspectionSince asbestos was once a preferred material for construction due to its intrinsic fireproof qualities and inherent strength, it now has become a necessity for people who live in homes and buildings built several decades ago to commission The MPA Group asbestos inspection team to find out if the mineral is present within their walls. It is only by way of a professional asbestos inspection that you will find out if there is a need to remove it. Although some countries, including the United States, do not have an existing ban on the use of asbestos, Australia is taking a cautious approach by banning its use in construction.

The scary thing about asbestos fibres is that they may look soft and fluffy, but they are resistant to the likes of corrosion, extreme heat, and electricity. The natural attributes of asbestos make it highly toxic to people and all other living things that breath.

There is no denying that pure asbestos is a natural insulator, which is why many industries used it in the past for manufacturing products, including that of cement, plastic, cloth, paper, and construction materials. The problem though is that when someone inhales or ingests the fibres upon disturbance, they get trapped inside the body and eventually wreaks havoc.

There is proof that trapped asbestos corresponds to inflammation, scarring, and worst of all, irreparable damage to the cells in the body. Aggressive cancer called “mesothelioma” is a product of asbestos exposure. There also are other illnesses associated with it that do not show a sign until it is too late.

Arguably the biggest challenge that the MPA Group asbestos inspection team will encounter is the fact that tiny fibres are almost impossible to see. You also cannot smell or taste it. The only way to make sure there is asbestos in an area or building is to get a sample of the material in question and let the laboratory run it.

So, if you want to keep your family safe from the dangers associated with asbestos exposure, you must call in the pros to perform the testing and the subsequent removal process. The moment asbestos is disturbed; the fibres find their way to the air, putting everyone inside at risk of inhaling them. Although the effects are not immediate, anyone who gets exposed will find out later that it is too late to treat the disease. Hence, the best way to address the possibility of asbestos exposure is to prevent it from happening.