Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. It could save you many $$$’s on unforseen problems and expenses when buying or selling your home.


When you purchase a home what protection is paramount in the mind of the new home buyer? Fire insurance!! Everybody advises it. Lending institutions demand it. We are a funny lot, especially when we realise that the chance of fire damage is minimal: 1 in 10000 for major damage; 1 in 5000 for minor damage. Compare those statistics with a survey recently carried out. It showed that one property in every three had active termites or had a history of termite attack. And you cannot obtain insurance to cover the attack or subsequent damage anywhere! What about existing building defects with the property? Whilst wear and tear to a building is to be expected, the structural integrity of the building needs to be established. Short and long term maintenance programs may need to be put in place.

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When you ask Aok Inspections to evaluate the soundness of your property investment, you can be sure of obtaining unbiased, quality information. Knowing all the facts before you commit yourself will enable you to make an informed decision.


Any faults with the property not detected prior to the purchase can become the liability of the buyer. Timber pests and faulty workmanship may cause thousands of dollars damage and in most cases your hard earned $$$’s will pay for repairs if not highlighted before committing yourself. Should remedial treatment or repairs be required, it is a lot cheaper to remedy the situation now rather than months down the track when repair bills could be quite hefty.