termite inspection Adelaide Close to me

Wood furniture is timeless pieces of art that serve many functions in homes and offices. However, wood can also get destroyed or worn through time if you don’t know how to care for them properly. This is especially true if there are termites in your property. If this is the case, it is best to look for a termite inspection Adelaide Close to me to prevent infestation.

termite inspection Adelaide Close to meHere are the essential maintenance tips every homeowner should keep in mind for wood furniture.

  1. Proper Cleaning

When cleaning your wood furniture, be it a cabinet or a wooden chair, make sure to do it properly. Most people think using damp cloth is restricted. However, experts recommend using a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe off the dust daily. Dust build-up can be hard to remove, which is why it is best to do dusting daily.

  1. Expert Inspections

If most of your home furniture is made of wood, it is best to schedule a regular maintenance check with termite exterminators. You may wonder, why do I need termite inspection Adelaide Close to me if I can do the checks on my own?

First of all, professionals have the equipment necessary for tracking down termite habitats. With many years of experience, termite control experts know how to move furniture that’s infested with termites carefully. As you may already know, these pests can move from one chair or cabinet to another. This is why inspections should be entrusted to professionals to make sure every infested corner or piece of furniture will be free from pests.

  1. Avoid Soaking

Remember never to allow your wood furniture to be soaked in water. If your cabinets or cupboards have hard stains, use mild soap and water. Dip a soft cloth on the solution and wring the towel as hard as you can to remove excess water. After wiping the area, rinse with a separate damp cloth and follow up by wiping with a dry towel.


  1. Use Furniture Sprays Moderately

Before purchasing wood furniture sprays, make sure to ask the experts first. Some commercial sprays may not provide the protective layer you want for your furniture. Instead, they could attract dirt and dust that will hasten the life of your wood sets.

Wood is an excellent addition to rustic, classic homes. However, they could attract pests and show signs of early damage if you don’t care for them correctly. Always consult with professionals if you’re not sure about cleaning or removing stains. Schedule your termite inspection accordingly and be around during the checks so your providers can give you advice on how to prevent infestations.