Minor home improvement projects such as painting or replacing a few busted gutters can be done as a DIY project. They will also not require any form of inspection to be done by a professional since they’re not as serious. However, if you’re planning a major renovation such as remodelling a living room or adding more rooms into your home, you’ll need to ensure that all work being done conforms with the current Australian Building Standards. At the same time, you also need to make sure that your LangHomes home renovations Adelaide project follows the state’s building regulations and codes. That’s why you need a renovation inspection to make sure your renovation project goes smoothly without any drawbacks. But how will you determine the right time to get a renovation inspection? Let’s find out!


Getting Inspections Performed

In many cases, a reputable and reliable renovation contractor will deal with the task of ensuring that the required permits are obtained before commencing the remodelling project. However, keep in mind that they may not always be the ones who will get the appropriate inspectors to come out and view their outputs.


Pre-Purchase Building Inspections vs. Renovation Inspections – What’s the Difference?

Inspections that are carried out after a renovation project has been done are a direct pass or fail instance. Purchase inspections, on the other hand, involves determining the condition of a property. The result of a pre-purchase building inspection may alter the negotiation between buyer and seller. It will not affect the homeowner’s ability to live in the property unless serious code violations have been found. On the other hand, a home that doesn’t pass inspections after LangHomes home renovations Adelaide or extensive remodelling could be one in which the occupants may need to vacate the house until such time as all violations detected have been addressed and resolved. These descriptions can only imply that both pre-purchase and renovation inspections are both required for their particular purposes.


When Renovation Inspections Are Needed

If you’re having a major renovation or alteration of the project performed on your property, it’s highly recommended that you hire an inspector for every phase of the project that’s completed. While this may seem like a long and complicated matter, it will save you a lot of frustrations along the way. It will also help you spot and solve problems quickly. That way, you can preserve your renovation for years to come.


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