We are living in a harsh economy where every dollar counts. Therefore, people are overlooking all expenses that seem of less importance. But what can you ignore when buying or selling a property? Well, it all depends on your situation. However, many people think that it is wise to overlook Adelaide building inspections which is wrong. This article will look at the worthiness of doing building inspections when selling and buying a house or commercial property.



The process of selling or purchasing a property is tedious, and so people tend to overlook many things. However, building inspections should not be part of what you miss, and this article will tell you why. To start with, many property buyers and sellers overlook property inspections deeming them as a waste of time. The sellers want to sell off their property as soon as possible and put their money to good use. On the other hand, a home buyer is already tired after looking for an ideal property for many months and now want to settle and have a place they can call home. But are Adelaide Building Inspections a waste of time and money?


If you are selling a house, you should never overlook building inspections or convince yourself that it is a  waste of time or a waste of money. An inspection will save you thousands of dollars as the seller and will as well ensure that your home or property sells as fast as possible. How may you ask? Well, when you inspect your home, you will get an inspection report from which you will know which areas need your attention. This way, you will have time to correct the faults and have your house ready for sale when there are no structural problems. This way, you will have confidence when setting the price and thereby increase your chances of making a good deal. Also, since your house is in good shape, you will attract many property buyers and therefore lead to a speedy sale.


If you are buying a property, either a house or a commercial property, then you are the greatest beneficiary of Adelaide building inspections. Why may you ask? Well, through inspections, you will know what your money is getting you and if it is worth it. For instance, if the inspectors find that the property is full of structural flaws and pest infestation, you can avoid investing in such a building as it is a money pit. You can as well use the report to bargain for a better price based on the findings.

Regarding whether inspections are a waste or time and money, the answer is no. The inspection cost is insignificant compared to the amount you will save in case the house or building has structural flaws. Also, it takes less than 24 hours to have both the inspection and report ready, and so you have no excuse.